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It's me!On the smart path, we’ll find studies in neuroscience & behavioral science, intuitive solutions, interesting stories, and humor. Previous discussions have been on how success comes before passion, whether willpower or motivation is more effective, how a slight perspective shift can crush discouragement, and the secret to building multiple habits at once.

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“Dude I’m a third of the way through the eBook and it ROCKS. It’s probably the best eBook I’ve ever read. (Okay, it’s probably the first non-Internet marketing eBook I’ve read, so that might explain some things!)

But you worked hard to not make it boring. You succeeded.

No seriously, this thing’s been a breath of fresh air. I’m enjoying it immensely, and I’m actually LEARNING some stuff too. You could have charged for it.”
~ Martyn Chamberlin from Perfection Coding


“Really, really, really well done. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and will enjoy acting on it even more. Thanks for the bedrock information and taking the time to do this for all of us in the times we’re living. Highly, highly recommend it — and also an outstanding example of what can be accomplished strictly from a techie platform. Great work!”
~ Patricia Troyer from Stone People Publishing 


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