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Why Mini Habits Is the Greatest Personal Development Strategy Ever

Tremendous forest fires have started from a flame this small, just as tremendous accomplishments have begun from one small decision to take one small initial step.

Mini habits start small, but they don’t stop there!

Yeah, it’s a bold claim, but it’s true. I’ve explained the power of mini habits in various ways on this blog and in the book itself, but this is going to be the clearest, most precise explanation yet of why this is the greatest personal development strategy in existence.

Part 1: The Strategy Equation


Your strategies determine whether you experience success or failure, whether you win or lose, and whether you get real results or continue wishing for them. Most people don’t know or understand the basic strategy equation. Society overemphasizes one part of the equation so much that we’re typically blinded to the other part. Here’s the equation. Prove it!

How To Stop Doubt From Hijacking Your Dreams

This guest post is by Blake Powell from He gives us practical tips to overcome the doubt that we all face at times.

I held my hands over my head and sighed as the words blurred together.

The blinking cursor on the screen in front of me seemed to be taunting my progress, asking me if I could really pull this off. I felt like I’d lost touch with the characters I created and I didn’t even know where I was taking the story anymore. My mind was flooded with doubts and I was tired, tired of it all and ready to give up. Nothing made sense anymore. Doubt No More

3 Strategies to Cut Through Overwhelm Without Losing Your Mind


This guest post is by Jamila, who gives a simple, straightforward, and systematic way to move past overwhelm. It’s great to be reminded of processes like this. Add it to your arsenal!

There’s nothing that saps away motivation faster than the feeling of being overwhelmed. I can say this for a fact because I get overwhelmed like 50% of the time. The typical advice to start somewhere doesn’t always do it for me because most times, it isn’t so much about getting started as it is about knowing what I need to get started on. Beat Overwhelm

Write Your Tombstone to Solidify Your Identity


That’s morbid, I know.

But I’m only [your age here] years old!

Still… don’t discard this dark idea like a salmon bone. Rather, consider this how this imaginative experiment can solidify your identity!

Imagine This…

You’ve entered an imaginary world in another dimension. In your pink bathrobe RIP to Continue?

Design Your Perfect Day (Here’s Mine)


Photo from my cross country train trip (March 2016)

There are a few ways to think about what you want in life.

  1. You can think of things you want (material possessions).
  2. You can think of relationships you want (friendships, family, romance).
  3. You can think of categories of needs (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional). 

One great way to simplify all of this is to design your perfect day. Design It!