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Prolonged Sitting Is Lethal: This 10 Second Trick Could Save Your Life


Sitting down all day is lethal. If you sit all day and you know it, don’t gloss over this fact: you are slowly killing yourself!

Studies on prolonged sitting:

Another study was published in 2012 with 222,497 people answering a questionnaire. It too found that “prolonged sitting is a risk factor for all-cause mortality, independent of physical activity.”

Studies unanimously show that prolonged sitting deteriorates your health and shortens your lifespan.

But why is prolonged sitting bad for us? What is the physical mechanism that makes it problematic? Get UP!

I Tried Meditating: It’s Worth It


Cats “meditate” all day long.

For a while, I’ve been hesitant to meditate. Reasons have ranged from “I’m not Buddhist” to “it’s weird.”

But meditation doesn’t have to be religious and I’M weird, so I tried out non-religious meditation. 

I sat in my chair, closed my eyes, and without moving or fidgeting, I focused my mind on my breathing. Simple. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

In seconds, rogue thoughts dove in to take my mind away from thinking about breathing. Try Meditating…

Mini Habits Is Officially An Audiobook!

What happens when you combine one of the highest rated books on the marketplace with the world’s greatest narrator?

The one audiobook to rule them all. 

Mini Habits Audiobook Cover

Click. Buy. Listen. Smile. Eat Lunch (optional).

You can now buy the Mini Habits audiobook on Amazon or Audible!

Daniel Penz (narrator) makes Mini Habits even more engaging than usual because he reads it with amazing inflection; he isn’t afraid to “modify” his voice either. Some parts will have you laughing out loud.

Of course, it’s not just for fun: Mini Habits is a life-changing book. If you’re going on a road trip soon and want something to listen to or if you simply prefer the audio form of books, you will not be disappointed!

Buy the Mini Habits audiobook:

PS. The audiobook is 3 hours and 40 minutes long and completely awesome.

Why I Love Rejection


Sun gazing: it’s a cool idea, but it’ll damage your retinas. It’s the sun’s special way of rejecting you.

I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Finance. My degree is folded up to fit inside a small folio organizer. I haven’t used it yet, but I sure did try.

For a year, I searched for jobs. For a year, I was rejected at the point of application, the first interview, or the second interview. These companies didn’t believe that I was worth it, or else they were in financial trouble, or else they thought someone else could do a better job.

I grit my teeth for the first few months, but my jaw muscles got tired. Look At Rejection Differently…

Losing Balance, Restoring Inner Wisdom (+ Book Giveaway)


I’m excited to show you this guest post by Patricia Crisafulli, a New York Times bestselling author and the founder of

It’s easy to get caught up in “being productive,” to the point that you forget to relax. But Patricia has a condition which frequently reminds her of the importance of taking breaks and taking care of herself.

Patricia has offered to give away two paperback copies of her new book to Deep Existence readers. You can easily enter the contest at the end of the article. The keyboard is yours, Patricia. Thanks for sharing your story and the valuable lessons we can all learn from it! Read Patricia’s Story…