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Use An Idea Pad To Absorb Online Distractions


Simple solutions are the best ones. (photo by Rick Payette)

Have you noticed that when you focus on your work, it generates new ideas?

New ideas are great, but I’ve noticed that they are often strong enough to pull me away from my current task. That’s a problem, because effectiveness comes from focusing on a specific piece of work and executing, not following every glowing trail you see. Those who follow the glowing trails often get lost doing so. Also, why are the trails glowing?  Focus Better…

Why You Should Stop Caring About Results

no worries

Plot twist: there’s an ant hill underneath her. Run! Photo by a n i. Y.

In school, I didn’t care about my grades.

It was only in my later high school years that I did my homework regularly (whoever invented homework is the worst).

But the reason I still had decent grades (my college GPA was 3.43) is because I was a master test taker. And my secret of success was… apathy. Care Less And Win…

5 Reasons People Fail With Mini Habits

wrong way

photo by jayRaz

My book, Mini Habits, has been a bestseller for more than seven months straight, selling over 16,000 copies in that time. It’s also the highest-rated habit book on the market because of the success people are having with it. It is in the process of being translated for publication in other countries. It easily outsells traditionally-published books in the same niche.

In short, the mini habits strategy is very effective and it has made a big impact so far. See Why They Fail…

How To Get Better At Making Decisions


I think she should go straight ahead, but whatever. (Photo by Julia Manzerova)

In London recently, a man started attacking strangers with a scaffolding pole. 

The police chased him, but he was fast, and they said so over the radio. An elderly man driving in the area picked up on the radio conversation and told a nearby officer on foot to jump in his car. Officer now on board, he weaved his way through backroads he knew well, taking shortcuts to where he suspected the suspect would be. He was able to track the criminal down so the police could taser and detain him, which they did successfully.

There’s no telling how many more people would be hurt right now if this man hadn’t made the firm decision to help. He didn’t ask the officer, “Can I help?” He confidently drove up and urged the officer to jump in. He was all-in.  Decide.