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New Book: How to Be an Imperfectionist

How to Be an Imperfectionist is now available!


Imagine that there is a 10,000 pound elephant in the road blocking traffic and you’re tasked to clear the road. The driver behind you yells out the solution: “Push the elephant out of the way!”

Pushing the elephant away would certainly clear the road; the solution makes sense. But can you actually push a 10,000 pound elephant out of the way? Probably not, and you might get stomped. That leads us to an important insight.

Solutions are worthless unless you’re able to successfully implement them.

How to Be an Imperfectionist is here. It is my second book. As the title indicates, it is a “how to” book, but unlike most how-to books or articles you’ll read, this book smartly incorporates the science of change into its perfectionism-reversing solutions.  Be an Imperfectionist…

From Survival to Significance: How to Transform Your Toughest Challenges into Enduring Strengths


When disaster strikes, how will you respond? (Photo by USFWS)

This guest post is by Sandra Miller.

It always starts with a catastrophe.

Maybe something big, so big it makes the news. An act of war or terrorism, a natural disaster.

Or maybe something more personal, yet every bit as devastating. A terrible accident, a financial setback, a serious injury or diagnosis, a death in the family.

The list goes on and on. Life throws a million challenges at us.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could transform our toughest challenges into enduring strengths? If we could use them as fuel to move us from survival to significance?

Well, we can. Here’s how I know.

A bobcat saved my life. [click to continue…]

Readers Beware: The New Wave Of Amazon Review Fraud Is “Within Posted Guidelines”

It’s tough to make a living writing books. For some of us, it means we do our best to get noticed. For others, well, they cheat.

The problem with cheating is that it’s not done in a vacuum. It hurts consumers, authors, and generally, the entire industry loses trust because of a few bad apples. Fortunately for me, my first published book, Mini Habits, has been very successful. Unfortunately, it made me a target.

I thought that if I were a target, I would receive some malicious 1-star review from competitors. And well, that actually did happen once. Or I thought that people would directly copy my book. That’s happened a few times, too. But there’s a new kind of fraud that’s even worse, because it’s infiltrates the book page itself!  See The Fraud

5 Simple Ways to Change Your Posture and How You Feel


This is a guest post by Sarah Williams.

People today are in constant pursuit of ways to lift their moods. The body-mind connection is so strong that correcting a perceived physical flaw can cause an immediate boost in your mood. From Botox injections to tummy tucks, we are bombarded by an abundance of ways we can look and feel better about ourselves.

Often overlooked, however, is a much less invasive way to improve our bodies and thus lift our moods: working on our posture. Numerous studies and articles have surfaced over the years suggesting and often proving that our posture has an enormous effect on how we feel. The brain and body have such a strong relationship that just a little tweak to our posture can boost our mood and improve our feelings. Below are five simple steps you can use today to make an immediate improvement on your posture. Sit up!

How To Live Like A Jellyfish


As the most graceful creatures of the sea, jellyfish float effortlessly in their dark blue world.

One might think jellyfish are completely at the mercy of the ocean’s currents, but did you know that jellyfish are swimmers? There are two ways that jellyfish swim—one way is by collapsing their bell to propel themselves. Other types of jellyfish can move many small cilia to rhythmically push water in the direction of their choice (see video below). Gelatinous Glory!