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The Imperfect Travel Experiment (Liveblog)


“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

WEDNESDAY, Nov 5th 8 PM (EST) 

Have you ever thought, “what if I just packed my bags right now and went somewhere?” I’ve had that thought quite often, and this time, I’m pulling the trigger and I’m (digitally) bringing you along with me! 

I’m going to Portland tomorrow and staying for one week.

…but I shouldn’t. Interestingly, this trip has a high chance of failure. Here’s why I might be making a mistake… Follow The Action…

Growth Mindset Vs. Performance Mindset

You have a very important choice to make today: will you be growth-driven or performance-driven?


Choose to be growth-driven.

Here’s why performance-driven mindsets are bad:

A performance-driven person constantly evaluates themselves, their performance, and how they measure up to expectations. It results in persistent, sometimes crippling self-judgment and perfectionism. Grow…

WARNING: Don’t Overanalyze Procrastination


The hardest problem to try to solve is one that doesn’t actually exist.

Sometimes when I’ve been procrastinating, I’ve assumed that there’s some huge problem that’s preventing me from working. Shortly after, I find myself focused on finding this problem:

  • Am I too tired?
  • Are my motivation and/or willpower low?
  • Am I lost on my project and thus avoiding it?
  • Am I giving in too easily to distractions? Am I addicted to them?

When I assume that there is a problem preventing me from working right now, I’ll try to solve it. Stop Overanalyzing…