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This Small Oversight Can Make You Procrastinate


Have you ever made plans for later, remembered the plans, and procrastinated anyway?

Why does that happen?

I’ve already talked about the reason why we procrastinate, and within that reason is a small, but critical detail that many of us—myself included—fail to internalize and implement with regularity. Failure to do it means you’ll fail to take action every time. It may in fact be the crux of inaction for most procrastinators. Tell me!

The Ultimate Financial Prosperity Guide

Stephen Guise has a B.S.B.A. in Finance. Therefore, all of his financial advice shall be considered perfect.

To transform your financial situation from poor to great, accomplish these six objectives:

  1. Keep track of your money and allocate it wisely
  2. Turn the tables on credit card companies to make money off of them
  3. Understand and choose the proper health insurance
  4. Shop smarter to save money every day
  5. Gain side income with eBay (which also simplifies your life)
  6. Invest your money the smart way with ETFs

Let’s go through these in detail, one by one, and transform your finances! Show Me The Money…

15 Posts For 6 Common Life Problems

I wasn't sure what picture to use for this post, and then I saw these camels. You can't go wrong with a couple of camels.

I wasn’t sure what picture to use for this post, and then I saw these camels. Camels are good.

The typical format of a blog is to write short thoughts on single topics. Over time, posts accumulate and you end up with a sea of fragmented ideas. This is one reason why books are great—they’re thorough and focused dissections of a single topic. 

Given this issue with blogging, I want to organize some of the best recent Deep Existence posts by which type of life problem they address. That way, if you’re struggling with say, procrastination, you’ll find several posts with differently angled solutions for the problem. This is a great example of what we need to do with our lives occasionally—zoom out and look at the big picture. Take A Look!

Patience Is Vital: Don’t Be In A Rush To Change


My fitness significantly improved in 2014 because I patiently built a foundation for it in 2013.

2014 was the best year of my life in terms of personal growth and success: 

  • I sold more than 35,000 copies of my first book, Mini Habits.
  • In 5 months, I have more than 1,700 students in my video course, Mini Habit Mastery. 
  • I took my fitness to the next level with consistent exercise; I’m even developing somewhat of a six pack now. I’m not magazine-ready or anything, but hey, when I flex my abs, there are shadows! In 2015, I expect to get stronger.
  • I consistently published blog posts every Monday and sent longer Tuesday emails while making progress on projects.
  • I moved twice in 4 months because I’m more decisive about what I want and I’m not afraid to change course to get there.
  • I read more books this year.

Regardless of if you find these results impressive or lame, they are fantastic for me, a recovering lazyholic. Progress is personal—there’s no benefit to compare our results with one another. Be Patient…